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We build almost any type livestock fence to keep cattle, horses, goats, sheep (and you name it) in, or wild hogs and deer out. We also build property line fencing to restrict vehicle and ATV traffic.

  •       Field fence
  •       Hi-tensile smooth wire fence
  •       Barbed wire fence
  •       Electric fence
  •       Wood board fence
  •      Split Rail Fence
  •      NRCS / EQIP cross fence

The fences we build today are much different from what our grandfathers used to build. With the new methods and materials now available, we can build a much more durable, longer lasting, maintenance free fence for less money than our grandfathers could. Not familiar with the new fence materials and techniques? Visit these resources for more information:

  • Visit the Stay-Tuff website to learn about the new materials (we get most of our wire from them) and the methods of using them.  

  • The Stay-Tuff spec sheet lists the specifications of the wires that we use.

  • Kencove Farm Fence Supplies is where we purchase a lot of our fence building supplies. They have a good website, and are also glad to send you a free catalog of their products plus good instructions on fence building.

  • We also purchase supplies from Pasture Management Systems, Inc. You can browse their supplies online. If you find something you need from them, we can get it for you.

  • Check out this site for another source of Fence Supplies and information: Premier 1 Supplies, or call them at 1-800-282-6631 and ask for a free catalog.

(Click the links below for specific info on the wire we use for these fences...)

 4' Field Fence for Horses, Goats, Cattle, etc;

5' & 6' Field Fence ...

Wood Rail Fence

Split Rail Fence

Contact us for more information, and for a free, no obligation estimate.

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