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Hi! My name is Royce Schneider. I was "born and raised" on a farm in Walnut Hill, in northwest Florida. My son Anthony and I began building fence for our own animals, and we have continued to build for others in northwest Florida and in southern Alabama.

We aim to give you the most value possible for your money. We select high-quality materials that will last for many years. For example, our wood posts are custom treated with 50% more treatment than normal, which saves you money in the long run. We also use name brand, high-tensile, Class 3 galvanized wire products. “Class 3” indicates that the wire has three times the coating as the Class 1 wire commonly found in stores, which rusts prematurely. Our focus is on quality, in both the materials we use and the workmanship that goes into our finished product. Our business depends on satisfied customers!

We are not a fence builder that "also  builds farm fence," Rather, we are livestock fence builders who  ONLY  build farm fence!

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